Internal Combustion engines produce a lot of heat during their combustion cycle.
This can have a negative effect when it reaches various heat-sensitive components, such as the sensors, batteries, and starter motors.

As a result, thermal insulation is necessary to prevent the heat from the exhaust from reaching these components.
RP Industries Insulation Products for the Automotive Industry are manufactured with custom sizes and designs. With hybrid inorganic binders structured into rigid sections and a product range as per the client’s requirements.

Key Properties:

  • Made by different types of fiber, as per the working temperature required.
  • E-Glass Wool / Fiber Products (Working Temp. 650°C).
  • HR-Glass Wool / Fiber Products (Working Temp. 800°C).
  • High Silica Products / S Glass Fiber Products (Working Temp. 1000°C).
  • Excellent for thermal, acoustic, and fire insulation.
  • High electrical properties.
  • Used in high-performance automobiles (cars/bikes/scooters ) / mechanical systems which use thermal insulation as a means to increase engine performance
  • Can improve the level of environmental sound.
  • Used on both hot and cold properties to conserve energy.

Product Specification:

RP INDUSTRIES Products can be used as Insulation Pads, Glass Wool Molds, Preformed Tubes / Pipes, Pre-Die Cut Parts, Mats, etc. We design as per the client’s requirements.

  • Thickness: As per the client’s requirement.
  • Length: As per the client’s requirement.
  • Binder Type: Inorganic Hybrid Binder Molding.
  • Constraint: As per the client’s requirements.
  • Shape and Density: As per the client’s requirements.
  • Packaging: Cardboard Boxes/Bins/Bags.

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