High Silica Thermal Insulation Pre Formed Molds Tubes

We are manufacturing a high-quality range of High Silica Thermal Insulation Pad (High Silica Fiber insulation pad), Preformed Tubes, and preformed molded products.

The High Silica thermal insulation pads also have low thermal conductivity, are inert to the majority of chemical reagents, resistant to organic and mineral acids (except hydrofluoric and phosphoric), weak alkali, water, and high-pressure steam.

This range is made from a High Silica Needled mat. It is characterized by having very good acoustics & heat properties. It provides easy and rapid installation.


  • Muffler and exhaust insulation.
  • Power generating equipment.
  • Automotive.
  • Industrial furnaces and ovens.
  • Marine, industrial, and processing.

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