ECR-Glass Fiber Pre Die Cut Parts

RP Industries manufacture a high-quality range ofECR-Glass Fiber Pre-Die Cut Insulation Parts / Pads.

This range is manufactured with or without Double-side tape:

  • ECR-Glass Fiber Products (Working Temp.800oC),

With hybrid inorganic chemical binder to performed into rigid sections with the product range as per customer requirement with or without Double-side tape / with or without Aluminum foil Faced Double side tape.

Key Properties:

  • Made by ECR-Glass Fiber as per working temperature required up to 800oC.
  • Excellent for thermal, acoustic, and fire insulation Higher electrical properties.
  • Excellent sound absorption.
  • High-performance Automotive (cars/bikes/scooters/ Bus/Truck/marine)/Mechanical systems use thermal insulation as a means to increase engine performance.
  • Can improve the level of environmental sound.
  • Used on both hot and cold properties to conserve energy.

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