ECR-Glass Fiber Needle Mat (750°C)

The RP Industries’ ECR-glass fiber needle mat is made of 100% glass fiber grade ECR with high consists of SiO2, the working temperature resistance of up to 750℃, it is used accurate chopped fiber length mechanically bonded by needle punching process with no additional binders to ensure the high-efficiency heat insulation and excellent sounds absorption during different applications.

The standard thickness needled mat is from 3mm to 25mm, uniformed density from 100kg/m³ to 220kg/m³, available to request for other specifications. The ECR-glass needle mat/felt is easy handling, allowing cutting into any desired shape and form, it is mainly providing for an exhaust system for automotive and motorcycles as a preformed pipe and a die-cut heat shield or where the higher temperature resistance is required on different applications.


  • Low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation.
  • High-temperature duration, low heat shrinkage, and heat loss.
  • High porosity, excellent sound absorption.
  • 100% inorganic fiber, non-combustibility.
  • Good tensile strength and resistance for wind velocity.

Series Of Products:

  • Wrapped and forming pipes for exhaust muffler.
  • Die-cutting and heat-shaped parts.
  • The assembling unit combined with other materials.
  • Aluminum foil laminated plus self-adhesive.


  • Thickness: 3mm~25mm
  • Width : Max. 3.3m
  • Length: Max. 150M
  • Density: 100~220 kg/m³

( √ Specified specifications on request )

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